Geppetto Avatars – Bringing virtual characters to life

Gestures, expressions, tone and context – you can’t have an effective conversation without them. Thanks to state of the art solutions that use artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and analytics, Geppetto Avatars is building virtual characters that allow you to have better, more impactful interactions with your customers.

How we do it.

The characters we build have hearts, minds, and personalities of their own, giving our clients a better way to communicate with their customers.

We use natural language processing, sentiment analysis, voice-to-text recognition, and real-time multimedia generation, combining it with art, psychology, narrative, and character design.

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How are we different?

Our online characters can talk and listen. Through sentiment analysis they can understand what you’re feeling, and through powerful natural language processing they can deliver results.

Not only does a character created by Geppetto Avatars allow for a better customer experience, the use of natural language processing helps you gain better insight into your customer’s perceptions, optimize your business processes and improve scalability to reduce operational costs.

The Result.

The result is a character that is as engaging as it is useful, talking, gesturing and communicating with your customer. The Geppetto platform represents more than a decade of research into the fields of clinical psychology, healthcare management, semantics, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Character design, Interaction design, User Experience, and Computer-Human Interaction. The modular platform relies only on HTTP and supports iOS, Android, Windows, OS, Linux, and others. It is designed to complement existing IT infrastructure.

Who We Do It For

You’ll find the characters of Geppetto Avatars teaching kids about asthma, monitoring a patient’s progress or helping a child learn to read. Our characters give you a better way to communicate with your customers. They never get sick, they never get frustrated and they never leave for vacation.

Our state-of-the-art solutions introduce avatar concepts to real-world healthcare, financial, education and entertainment settings to improve process flow, drive efficiency, and capture valuable analytics data for your organization.

Health Care

The Geppetto platform links technology with innovative healthcare practices through virtual characters to dramatically impact patient care assessments and services.

In partnership with Health Nuts Media, Geppetto Avatars is developing an avatar-based on the Huff and Puff characters already being used in some health systems to help kids with asthma. Through an on-line app, the character will interact directly with children to help them treat their symptoms.


For years, CNK Digital has been teaching kids phonics. Their partnership with Geppetto Avatars will provide their tablet with a natural language interface to help kids learn to effectively read and speak through reading, writing, and pronunciation apps using natural language and semantics.

About Us

We believe that education, training and customer experience is moving beyond e-books and linear videos that talk at you, not with you. Our goal is to redefine the relationship between people and technology by teaching products to listen, sense, and communicate naturally with your customers.

Geppetto Avatars has brought the best minds in business, technology, healthcare, science and design. From the man who helped develop the world’s third dot-com to the Chief Innovations Officer of the nation’s largest nonprofit health plan, the Geppetto Avatars team has created a state-of-the-art conversational platform for you.


Norrie Daroga

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Norrie’s business success can be attributed to the way he looks at companies – as ecosystems. They all thrive thanks to him seeing the interconnectedness of each other. He has a passion for advising entrepreneurs and early stage companies on business planning, strategic corporate partnerships, capital funding, and executive management support.

He has more than 30 years experience in leading and operating businesses, including as a C-level executive with Metavante Technologies, and was part of the management team that took the company public in 2007.

Norrie has the unique ability to read entire pages at a time – not just the words on the page – and is a gourmet chef. He and his wife have a daughter, an accomplished equestrian who has competed on a national level in English and Western riding.

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Mark Meadows

Founder, CCO & CSO

Mark is always at the forefront of the next big wave. From the third dot-com, developed in 1993, to working in the labs where Siri was invented, to now developing avatars that sense, think and feel, Mark is a leader in the tech world. He’s founded three companies and worked in top design labs including Xerox-PARC, the Stanford Research Institute and the Waag.

Mark’s enthusiasm over the possibilities of contextualized conversations with virtual characters is endless. He is the author of four books, including I, Avatar and We, Robot, and writes regularly for

Oh, and he’s traveled the world and the seven seas – literally – from his sailboat, which is now docked in San Francisco harbor and is home to Mark, his wife and their two children.


Nardo Manaloto

Chief Innovation Officer

Nardo Manaloto has made innovation and human-centered design his career and social mission in life, having served the last seven years as Director of Innovation & Design for Kaiser Permanente. There’s always a way to do something better, smarter and faster while improving user experience and peoples’ lives, and Nardo can make that happen.

An executive with more than 22 years of healthcare information technology and industry experience, Nardo is a strategic thought leader in solution concepts, disruptive innovations, user experience design, analysis and architecture design, hybrid value chains, and applied innovations for current and leading edge technologies.

He takes pride in being known as one of the most ‘disruptive’ innovators in healthcare, and considers tinkering with new toys, gadgets and applications the best way to relax.


Phil Hall

Chief Information Officer

Phil has been delivering practical, effective, resilient artificial intelligence systems since 1999, originally as a consultant for Logica in the UK, installing automated email response solutions. Over the years he has moved into conversational systems on the basis of a commercial and anthropological rationale and has stayed on the leading edge of this market.

He has developed more than forty full life-cycle artificial intelligence systems in the financial services, telecommunications, government, media, retail and education industries.

Phil is a keen supporter of online community and culture. This interest stems from studying anthropology at UCL, where his definitive research was an ethnography of online communities, focusing on the implications for an individual’s sense of self in virtual environments.
The artificial intelligence in those days was so bad … he’s been fixing it ever since.


Arthur Hiller

Chief Business Officer

Arthur’s start in the life sciences and biotech industries began nearly 30 years ago as a photographer shooting commercial advertising photos for a major pharmaceutical company.

Three decades later, after leading two early-stage life science companies in the medical device and drug discovery areas, as well as holding executive positions at several multinational pharmaceutical companies, Arthur is ready to dive in to the world of Avatars.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in journalism from Northwestern University and a Master’s Degree in Business Policy from Columbia University.

Arthur’s love of photography has endured – he is an avid underwater photographer and has his Advanced Open Water Diver certification.



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